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A new forest of native species is afforested in the Central Balkan National Park

13 April 2020
In the period April 9-14, afforestation is carried out on the territory of the Central Balkan National Park. It is being implemented in the area of ​​Karlovo Park Section, Multifunctional Zone of the National Park, Karlovo Municipality, Karnare village, at an altitude of 1350 meters.
The areas under afforestation are occupied by ruderal vegetation that has arisen after systematic overgrazing and trampling by domestic animals, and in recent years the terrain has been burned. They are characterized by an initial stage of surface erosion due to intensive grazing.
The saplings (Acer pseudoplatanus, Fraxinus excelsior and Ostrya carpinifolia) are produced from local seed in a nursery garden in the village of Hristo Danovo. The cultivation of the trees is within the scope of Activity C2 "Improvement of the conservation status of the natural habitat 9180 * in PA BG0000494 Central Balkan" under project LIFE16 NAT / BG / 000856 "Habitats free from invasive alien plants", co-financed by the EC LIFE program. The trees have been donated to the Park Directorate by PLATAN C Ltd. - Karlovo, which in recent years produces saplings of local geographical origin for the needs of this project.