A new mushroom species has been recognized for Central Balkan National Park

04 February 2020
Hen-of-the-woods (sheep's head) – a new mushroom species for the National Park, was found during a forest monitoring in October last year. Employees of the Park Directorate found a fruiting body in a mixed forest of about 1200 m asl. Part of the mushroom was taken and sent to leading experts in mycology determination. They are adamant that it is a Hen-of-the-woods (Grifola frondosa (Dicks.) Gray). The species has been reported so far in Bulgaria only for the Znepolski region (Golo Burdo  Ostritsa Reserve) and the Rhodopes (West above Velingrad). The fungus parasites on living trees or stumps in mixed and deciduous forests. The fruiting body is massive up to about 40 cm and forms large tufts between June and October.
The Hen-of-the-woods species is included in the Red List of Mushrooms in Bulgaria and is listed as endangered species in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria.
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