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April 1 – International Bird Day

01 April 2024
Today we celebrate International Bird Day. The decision to declare it a special date was made on December 6, 1906 under the Convention for the Protection of Rare Birds. It is one of the first conservation dates in the international calendar of global events through which people express their concern for the protection and preservation of our planet's wildlife. Today, every tenth species of bird is threatened with final extinction.

Birds in Central Balkan National Park

The most attractive and easy to observe animals are birds. In the Central Balkan National Park, they are represented by over 220 species. These include breeding, migrating, wandering and occasional species.
There are 123 species nesting in the Park. This wealth is due to the diversity of habitats and their favorable ecological condition, as well as the geographical location of the park. The Central Balkan National Park is one of the most important protected areas in Bulgaria for the protection of the populations of a large number of nesting bird species. Characteristic species for the alpine zone are the rock warbler (Prunella colaris), the mountain lark (Tichodroma muraria), as well as the Balkan lark (Eremophila alpestris balcanica).
Representatives of all 13 bird orders found in Bulgaria and 20 families from the most numerous passerine order (Passeriformes) have been established in the park.
Of particular importance is the ecological group of mountain birds – it numbers 43 species.
The world-endangered species are of high conservation importance, of which the golden eagle (Aquila heliaca) and the meadow shrew (Crex crex) have been established on the territory of the park.
The Central Balkan NP has been declared by BirdLife International as an Ornithologically Important Site of World Importance.
4 species of birds inhabiting the Park are endangered, 8 species are vulnerable, 7 species are rare and 14 are declining in number or range in the region, and 4 species have their range restricted to the alpine biome.
The total number of bird species with endangered status is 53.
72 species of birds with conservation significant populations are found within the boundaries of the park.
Birds are one of the most vulnerable animals, especially during their breeding season and the period of rearing their young. That is why we should not disturb the birds, destroy their nests, take their eggs or young ones, but only carefully observe and admire them!