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Park rangers have been trained to carry out inspections under the Biodiversity Act

13 March 2023
During the past week, training was carried out for park rangers of Central Balkan National Park Directorate to draw up protocols in connection with the mandatory annual inspections under the Biodiversity Act. For this purpose, three separate localities were visited in the Beklemeto protected area of the species Elwesian snowdrop (Galanthus elwesii), included in Appendix 3 of the Biodiversity Act. 
! Did you know that the Elwesian snowdrop, unlike the snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis), has a wide green spot not only at the tip, but also at the base of the inner sepals, which is also the main distinguishing feature between the two species. It is rare throughout the country. The main threat to the Elwesian snowdrop is the plucking of the flowers for bouquets, the uprooting and the transfer of individual plants as an ornamental and medicinal plant.