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The last tour dedicated to the beech forests of the Central Balkan National Park as a World Heritage Site took place

15 September 2022
The last for 2022 organized walking tour in the beech forests of the Central Balkan – part of a serial site on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, make more than 20 enthusiasts smiling on September 10th.
The walk in the distinguished beech forests of the National Park and in partiqular Tsarichina Reserve was emotional, with a lot of satisfaction from the magnificent views and sunny weather, with a lot of new knowledge about biodiversity of the national park. This tour will definitely be remembered with the huge variety of mushrooms that filled the beech forests of the Park after the first September rains.
Through the stories of the representatives of the Park Directorate, the steep trail to Golyama Shalya peak became a “classroom”, where we talked about the forests in Bulgaria with the most prestigious international award, about the characteristics of the Central Balkan National Park, about the interesting touristic places in the region of Teteven, Ribaritsa and the Vasilyov region of the Pre-Balkans, for the historical events that took place in these places.
The walks among the distinguished beech forests aimed to enable a wider range of people to touch places of the Bulgarian nature, which have received international recognition.
Since 2017 the best preserved and most representative natural beech forests of the nine reserves of the Central Balkan National Park are part of the serial transnational site of UNESCO World Natural Heritage Ancient and Primeval Beech Forest of the Carpathians and other regions in Europe. With an area of nearly 11 thousand hectares, the Bulgarian component is the largest area among a total of 94 components, distributed in 18 European countries.
The visits to the forests of the Central Balkan are realized in the implementation of activity “3.02. Local and national awareness raising“ under the LIFE PROGNOSES Project LIFE20 PRE / BE / 00011 – LIFE PRotection of Old Growth Forests in Europe: Natural heritage, Outline, Synthesis and Ecosystem Services (Strengthening primary and old growth forest protection in Europe by capitalizing on World Heritage sites).