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The peak of Maragidik

The peak of Maragidik – the beautiful Mara (in Turkish) – is indeed one of the most beautiful peaks of Central Stara Planina. It remains away of the main crest, but is high (1889 m) and visible from the whole northern outskirts of the mountain East of the Beklemeto Pass.
. The peak is connected to different myths and legends. One of them tells of a brave Bulgarian woman from the region who threw herself into the abyss to escape the desecration of the enslavers. Another legend is about the pretty and capricious girl Mara who promised to marry the one who would carry her all the way up the mountain to the peak. There was a brave young man who managed to do that but after he reached the mountain top he died of exhaustion. A third legend about this interesting mountain peak is connected to the name of the sister of Krali Marko. One of the most interesting legends though is connected to the sister of Tzar Ivan Shishman – princess Mara. She was promised as a wife of Sultan Mourad. On her way to Odrin she crossed that region. She wished to take a look at her mother country from the mountain peak, so she climbed it and grieving of her enslaved homeland started crying. Her pure tears gave birth to the Tuja river and also name of the mountain peak and the pass east of it – Maragidik (Marin pass). The peak is on the western boundary of Severen Dzhendem reserve and offers beautiful panorama to that site. West of the peak is the saddle through which the Russaliiski Pass crosses from Northern to Southern Bulgaria.
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