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Golyamata Reka River

Golyamata Reka is the main tributary of Stara Reka River. It collects its water from the many tributaries running down the peaks of Kupena, Kostenurkata, Zhultets and Ravnets Massif. Almost all of its watershed is included into the Stara Reka reserve. One climbs along its course during the whole trek from Hubavets hut to Vasil Levski hut. The valley is very picturesque with its mixed forest gradually turning into a pure beech stand. If one decided to continue along the trail to the peak of Botev and Rai hut, the upper stream of the river overgrown with old fir-trees and spruces will be revealed to him.
The influx of the Golyamata and Malkata rivers forms Stara Reka River – with its huge white boulders and the richness of colors of the forest - one of the most beautiful in the Central Balkan in autumn.
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