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The Rositsa River

The northern slopes of the Stara planina mountain, from mountain peak Zelenikovets to the Osenikovets elevation are enveloped by the wide water basin of the Rositsa river (total length of 164 km, catchment area – 2262 sq. km.).
The river takes its source north of the Chervena lokva place between mountain peak Korubashitsa and peak Buhala. Its most significant left tributaries are the Negoychevitsa river – formed by the Kashtitsa river, which springs form the Iskarite place, north of peak Zelenikovets; the Kruvenishka river – springs from the pre-Balkan area and pours into the Rositsa river near to the village of Stokite, the Krapets dam is built on it; the Byala reka river – formed by the Suha Byala, which also starts from the Iskarite place and also by the Mokra Byala, which springs from the Suhia ulei place, east of mountain peak Zelenikovets and pours into the Rositsa river near the Valevtsi neighborhood; the Bagareshtitsa river – springs north of mountain peaks Groba and Rosovatets with its right tributary the Tsarvulshtitsa river, which takes its source north of the Beliat kladenets (the white well) place.
The most significant right tributaries of the Rositsa river, which spring from the Kalofer Mountain are: the Malobuhalshtitsa river – springs northeast of mountain peak Buhala; the Zelenikovets river – springs northeast of mountain peak Korita; the Marishtnitsa river with its right tributary Golshtitsa – draining the western slopes of the Osenikovets elevation.
Rositsa River is one of the main tributaries of Yantra.
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