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Vidima Waterfall

The Vidimsko Praskalo is located in the eastern section of the huge rock cliff of the Severen Dzhendem – an impressive, almost vertical rock face reaching 400 - 500 m height at certain places. There in the kingdom of crags and cliffs, breathtaking gorges and vertiginous precipices, where austere and unapproachable walls rise up on all sides, and reach out towards the dome of the Balkan Mountains, nature has created the phenomenon Vidima waterfall. Its water, wild and boisterous falls from 80 meters height and makes one stand in awe at the sight of this incredible spectacle.

This chute collects its waters from three small creeks taking their sources from the peak of Yurushka Gramada and the Pileshki Polog saddle, flowing along an alpine meadow and flying down in an eighty-meter water arch into the precipice. The Vidimsko Praskalo is the second highest waterfall in Bulgaria. A nice vista to it opens from the especially established vista site, after the development of a specialized education trail along the valley of Praskalska River, after the crossroad of the trail from Apriltsi town to Pleven hut at Vidima water power station.

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