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European significance



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Central Balkan National Park Directorate has commissioned the repair of an existing road from Beklemeto locality to Dermenka

Rehabilitation activities are carried out within the Contract under the project "Restoration and protection of natural habitats and species in Central Balkan National Park", funded by the Operational Program "Environment 2014 - 2020".

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Central Balkan National Park is of European conservation significance, because it is:

·           The main potential component for the NATURA 2000, Emerald, Econet and other European ecological networks;

·           One of the most significant natural centers for the protection of biodiversity and wildlife in Europe and Bulgaria, as well as a source of form generation;

·           A European example of the ‘Mixed Mountainous Systems of Complex Zoning’ biome;
·           A significant community of the coniferous forests;

·           Breeding grounds for 44 species of vertebrates of a European status of endangerment, representing 21% of all vertebrates in the territory of the Central Balkan Range;

·           A territory which ensures the survival and reproduction of significant European populations of 39 vertebrate species (13 mammals, 25 birds and one reptile);

·           A territory comprising 24 habitats, included in the List of Endangered Habitats in Europe under the EU Directive on Habitats;

·           A National Park that is home to the largest brown bear population within a protected area;

·           One of the most significant ecological corridors in Bulgaria, contributing to the genetic exchange, the free movement and natural links between species in the Carpathians and other European, mountains, the southern regions of the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor.
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