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15/09/2020 This year's EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme is ‘Zero-emission mobility for all’

Central Balkan National Park will mark the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK with open days from 16 to 22 of September and an information stand in Markoteya City Park in Gabrovo.

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10/09/2020 Allowed quota for Kalofer town - Panitsite locality - Botev Peak 13.09.2020 (Monday) is reached​

According to the Central Balkan National Park Management plan, Road Kalofer town - Panitsite locality - Botev Peak is with restricted access of until 10 motor vehicles per day and it is allowed only in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and thought the Bulgarian official rest days from the 1st of June to the 15th of September.

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27/08/2020 ​Preventive activities against fires in forest natural habitats start in Central Balkan National Park

The Park Directorate assigns the implementation of fire-fighting measures under activity №11 Preventive activities against fires in forest natural habitats, within the Project "Restoration and protection of natural habitats and species in the Central Balkan National Park".

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Central Balkan National Park is of world conservation significance, because it is:

·           Identified as an area of a high degree of vulnerability, rarity, naturalness, typicality and significance, i.e. as a territory of exceptional biological diversity;

·           One of the territories representative of birds of the Alpine biome, as well as of the entire alpine fauna and the species trophically related to it;

·           The northernmost location of white fir in the world;

·           The most important protected area in the world for the semi-colarred flycatcher, white-backed woodpecker, Bechstein's bat, souslik and mountain molerat;

·           A form-generating source for plants and invertebrates;

·           The largest protected area of beech forests in the world, with the characteristic fauna;

·           A breeding ground for a large number of species of world conservation status: 21 species of vertebrates endangered on a world scale (10% of the Park’s vertebrate fauna), 19 invertebrate species and 10 plant species;

·           One of the major centers of endemicity (of species of limited geographic range): 10 local endemics, 10 Bulgarian, and 67 species and subspecies of higher plants endemic to the Balkan Peninsula, as well as 168 endemic species of vertebrates and invertebrates;

·           A territory that ensures the survival and reproduction of populations of world conservation significance of 13 species and subspecies of vertebrates.

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