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02/04/2020 Extended deadline for submission of applications for grazing

Due to the crizis situation the deadline for submission of applications for grazing is extended.

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22/03/2020 World Water Day 22.03.2020

The main topic this year is: WATER AND CLIMATE CHANGE - and how the two are inextricably linked.

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16/03/2020 ​Important message about the functioning of the administrative services at the Central Balkan National Park Directorate

Functioning of the administrative services at the Central Balkan National Park Directorate in connection with the state of emergency

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24/02/2020 Central Balkan National Park Annual Grazing Plan was approved

With an order of the Director of Central Balkan National Park Directorate the Annual Grazing Plan that regulates livestock grazing in grazing areas of the park was approved.

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Central Balkan National Park is of world conservation significance, because it is:

·           Identified as an area of a high degree of vulnerability, rarity, naturalness, typicality and significance, i.e. as a territory of exceptional biological diversity;

·           One of the territories representative of birds of the Alpine biome, as well as of the entire alpine fauna and the species trophically related to it;

·           The northernmost location of white fir in the world;

·           The most important protected area in the world for the semi-colarred flycatcher, white-backed woodpecker, Bechstein's bat, souslik and mountain molerat;

·           A form-generating source for plants and invertebrates;

·           The largest protected area of beech forests in the world, with the characteristic fauna;

·           A breeding ground for a large number of species of world conservation status: 21 species of vertebrates endangered on a world scale (10% of the Park’s vertebrate fauna), 19 invertebrate species and 10 plant species;

·           One of the major centers of endemicity (of species of limited geographic range): 10 local endemics, 10 Bulgarian, and 67 species and subspecies of higher plants endemic to the Balkan Peninsula, as well as 168 endemic species of vertebrates and invertebrates;

·           A territory that ensures the survival and reproduction of populations of world conservation significance of 13 species and subspecies of vertebrates.

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