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09/06/2019 news

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The landscape of Central Balkan National Park is unique, because it:

·           Comprises the only rock complex with centuries-old forests, rock faces and precipices known in Bulgaria, as well as the mightiest rock belt in Bulgaria, Djendemite;

·           Ranks third in Bulgaria in vertical and horizontal articulation of the relief;

·           Represents a specific system of the most numerous and deepest gorges and canyons in Bulgaria;

·           Has the largest number of waterfalls, among which the highest in Bulgaria, and
Raisko pryskalo the largest number of waterfalls at high altitudes;

·           Is one of several place in Bulgaria with the biggest annual precipitation;

·           Is the location of the deepest precipice cave in Bulgaria;

·           Has a great diversity of landscapes and unique natural phenomena;

·           Is an area of numerous scenic landscapes, magnificent precipices, gorges and waterfalls.
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