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09/06/2019 news

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Central Balkan National Park is of world conservation significance, because it is:

·           Identified as an area of a high degree of vulnerability, rarity, naturalness, typicality and significance, i.e. as a territory of exceptional biological diversity;

·           One of the territories representative of birds of the Alpine biome, as well as of the entire alpine fauna and the species trophically related to it;

·           The northernmost location of white fir in the world;

·           The most important protected area in the world for the semi-colarred flycatcher, white-backed woodpecker, Bechstein's bat, souslik and mountain molerat;

·           A form-generating source for plants and invertebrates;

·           The largest protected area of beech forests in the world, with the characteristic fauna;

·           A breeding ground for a large number of species of world conservation status: 21 species of vertebrates endangered on a world scale (10% of the Park’s vertebrate fauna), 19 invertebrate species and 10 plant species;

·           One of the major centers of endemicity (of species of limited geographic range): 10 local endemics, 10 Bulgarian, and 67 species and subspecies of higher plants endemic to the Balkan Peninsula, as well as 168 endemic species of vertebrates and invertebrates;

·           A territory that ensures the survival and reproduction of populations of world conservation significance of 13 species and subspecies of vertebrates.

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