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09/06/2019 news

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      Dzhendema (Hell) Reserve was established on March 28, 1953. It is included in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program. Dzhendema encompasses 4,220.2 hectares, and is the largest Reserve in the Balkan Range and the second largest Reserve in Bulgaria. It is centered on a granite extrusion near Botev Peak, combined with limestone outcroppings to form steep slopes; deep, narrow gorges; massive rock cliffs; and huge waterfalls. The tallest waterfall in Bulgaria, Raiskoto Praskalo (Paradise Gusher) is directly below Botev Peak.


      Dzhendema Reserve shelters beech and fir forests and large meadows with unique sub-alpine grassy species and communities. Because of its specific geological and climatic conditions, the area is rich in endemic species and rare plants. It is an active source of new wildlife species.



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