15/09/2020 This year's EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme is ‘Zero-emission mobility for all’

Central Balkan National Park will mark the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK with open days from 16 to 22 of September and an information stand in Markoteya City Park in Gabrovo.

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27/08/2020 ​Preventive activities against fires in forest natural habitats start in Central Balkan National Park

The Park Directorate assigns the implementation of fire-fighting measures under activity №11 Preventive activities against fires in forest natural habitats, within the Project "Restoration and protection of natural habitats and species in the Central Balkan National Park".

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Hut “Momina poliana”


Hut “Momina poliana” is situated in the place Momina poliana, on the western slope of peak Mominski chukar. The hut is located at 1740 meters above sea level. The three-storey massive hut can accommodate 94 guests and for their convenience the building is water supplied and electrified. During their stay in hut “Momina poliana” the guests can use:

  • Tourist kitchen
  • Tourist dining-room
  • TV-set
  • Bathroom

One can reach hut “Momina poliana” by an asphalt automobile road or by well-marked tourist trails starting from:

  • Rest home "Elprom" - 2 hours
  • The place Anchova bichkia – 1.30 hours
  • The place Desetkar (bus stop for the buses from Teteven to the village of Divchovoto,via rest home “Elprom”) – 3.00 hours
  • Train station Anton – via hut “Planinski izvori” – 5.00 hours
  • Train station Pirdop – via hut “Paskal” – 5.30 hours

For the fans of the mountain hiking near to hut “Momina poliana” are located:

  • Hut “Planinski izvori” – 1.30 hours
  • Hut “Paskal” – 3.00 hours
  • Hut “Svishtiplaz” – via the “Groba” col – 4.30 hours
  • Hut “Benkovski” – 4.30 hours
  • Hut “Vejen” – over the mountain ridge – 6.30 hours
  • Tourist dormitory “Koznitsa”

Topic information about the chalet

Telephone of the object: +359 885 052818, 0896/715-289
Address: Zlatitsa-Teteven Balkan
Mailing address: ТД “Вежен”
ул. “Михаил Койчев” 18 ПК 6
град Тетевен 5700
Capacity: 94
Price: 3.00
Phone number for making alerts and complaints: +35966801277
(week days from 8:00 to 16:30)
(in non-working hours)
or е-mail address: