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          The district of Apriltsi huddles in a picturesque ravine at the foot of the northern slopes of the highest and most ravishing part of the Central Balkan Mountains and takes up an area of 240 sq. m. The town of Apriltsi is located at 506 m above sea level and it is economic, cultural and administrative center of the municipality. It stretches out approximately 12 km along the Vidima and the Ostreshka rivers.

           The climate in the district of Apriltsi is moderate continental, with typical mild winter and cool summer. The combination of crisp air, sweeping woods and absence of industrial plants makes possible the all year round recreation and tourism in this attractive region tucked away in a sunny valley in the heart of the mountain.

           The surrounding nature is what makes Apriltsi a place of great appeal. The district borders the National Park Central Balkan, and Nature Reserve Severen Dzhendem is also to be found there.

           The wildlife in the district is represented by different species of predatory mammals, also the wild goat, the brown bear, eagles, falcons and  etc.

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