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Vidima Waterfall

Situated in the northern part of the biosphere reserve of Severen Djendem in Stara planina mountain, the Vidima Waterfall impresses with its enchanting beauty and majesty.

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The Site of Polenitsi

This site is a spacious pasture located in a side chain west of the valley of Starna River.

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Vidima River

The largest river in the region of Apriltsi town is Vidima River, taking its source from the peak of Botev. In the region of the Mazaneto site, the water is channeled and brought to the Vidima water power station.

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Praskalska River

Praskalska River takes its source from of the Pileshki Polog saddle, located between the peaks of Yurushka Gramada and Paradjika.

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The Tazha River

Tazha River takes its sources from the peak of Zelenikovets and collects in itself a number of tributaries originating from the peaks of Yurushka Gramada to the West or Triglav Massif to the East.

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Vidimsko praskalo Vista Site

The vista site offers beautiful panorama to the Northern Dzhendem.

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Interpretative Trail of Vidimsko praskalo


This interpretative trail is a part of the interpretative tourist infrastructure of the National Park. It is located along the valley of Praskalsk Reka River, which is the main tributary of Vidima river.

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