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          The district of Kalofer takes up the beautiful southern slopes of the Kalofer Mountain, and is located under the majestic peak Botev- the highest in the Stara Planina Mountain, in the valley of the Tundja River, in the heart of the fragrant Rose Valley, at approximately 611 m above sea level.

           The climate in the district is transitive continental to the south, moderate continental to the north and mountainous over 1200 m above sea level.

           The district has a dense river network, composed of rivers that spring from the Kalofer Mountain. The Tundja River as one of them has a total length of 350 km and a catchment area of 7884 sq. km. The Byala Reka River springs north of the Sinite Kamani place, forms an inaccessible valley in the natural reserve Dzhendema and has a catchment area of 239 sq. km. The Vidima River takes its source from the northern slopes of the Stara Planina Mountain, has a total length of 68 km and a catchment area of 554 sq. km.

           The district of Kalofer is characterized by  various plant species, among which the oak, beech, pine-tree, different bush plants and flowers, some of which such as the Balkan primrose, the Alpine rose, the edelweiss, mountain lily are protected.
           The wildlife in the area is represented by the wild goat, brown bear, deer, doe, wild boar, eagles, wood-grouse capercalzie, falcons.

           The location and climatic characteristics of the district of Kalofer provide excellent opportunities for seasonal tourism.

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