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30/10/2018 RIOSV

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Vasil Levski (1837-1873)

Vasil Levski was the greatest Bulgarian revolutionary against the Turkish yoke. The Bulgarian people and his associates called him “the Apostle of Freedom”. Levski was the ideologist of the National Bulgarian Liberation movement, founder of the Internal revolutionary organization and the Central Bulgarian Revolutionary Committee.

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“Vasil Levski” House-museum

It includes a memorial exhibition – the house of birth of the apostle of Bulgarian freedom, Vassil Levski, and a hall, that tells about his activities and path of life.

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Thracian tumulus - village of Starosel

The tomb near the village of Starosel was found in 2000 and convert into sensation not only for the archeologists. The Starosel tumulus is the largest known so far.

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Historical Museum

In its 100 years of history the Historical museum in Karlovo treasures monuments of culture from ancient times to the present day.

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Architectural and Historical Reserve “The Old Town”

The old houses of Karlovo have high architectural value with their woodcarved ceilings, the yards with decorative doors and marvelous murals on the stonewalls, the silent cobbled yards and shady vines, box shrub and flower gardens.

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The Vasil Levski Monument

The impressive monument of Vasil Levski erected in 1903-1907 by Marin Vasilev is situated in the center of the Old town of Karlovo.

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The “St. Nikolai” Church

Here in 1858 the day of the Cyrillic Alphabet was celebrated for the first time.

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The “St. Virgin” Church

Masters-builders from Bratsigovo and Karlovo built the “St. Virgin” church in 1851.

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The “St. St. Constantine and Elena” Church

It is designed in a style very popular during the Bulgarian Revival period.

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Community center “Vassil Levski”

The “Vassil Levski” Community Center is a major center for cultural activities in the town. It is an initiator of many events, included in the cultural calendar of the Municipality of Karlovo.

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The Chetinyova tumulus

The Chetinyova tumulus by the village of Starossel is part of the Starossel Thracian cult complex. The tumulus is 21 m high. It is surrounded by a well-preserved supporting wall with a total length of 241 m and height of 3 m.

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The Bouhalov Han (Inn)

One of the most interesting and beautiful buildings situated in the Revival Period neighborhood of Karlovo, is located right opposite the Sveta Bogoroditsa (Holy Virgin) church, is the so called “Bouhalov Han” (Inn) - built in the 19th century, and donated to the town by one of the founders of the Female Movement in Bulgaria, Penka Popova.

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