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The “St. Virgin” Church

Masters-builders from Bratsigovo and Karlovo built the “St. Virgin” church in 1851.

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Klisura (Stone) road

The Klisura (Stone) road connects the settlements of the northern foothills of the Vasilyovo mountain and Ribaritsa village to Klisura town.

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Gerdeka Fountain

This fountain is along the trail from Dobrila hut to Dermenkaya hut.

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Monument of Nikola Karadjov

The monument is dedicated to the revolutionary Nikola Karadjov from Klisura.

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The house of Pavourdjiev

The house of Pavourdjiev is the best preserved historical place in the town of Klissoura.

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The Chervenakov’s House

On January 10, 1878 General Komarovski victoriously announced the liberation of Klissoura. He and his detachment were lodged in the house of the Chervenakov family.

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The native house of Tsana Kozinarova

In the climax of the April uprising Tsana Kozinarova chose to drown herself and her four young children in a well in her house in order to escape from the enslavers.

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The Town’s Historical Museum

The Town’s historical museum is situated in the center of the town of Klissoura. It was built with donations from the people of Klissoura on May 2 1926 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the April Uprising.

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The monument of Borimechkata (The Bear Fighter)

The monument of Borimechkata (The Bear Fighter) – a rebel from the town of Klissoura, who perished in the April Uprising in 1876, now rises over the historic town. The sculptor Metodi Izmirliev has designed the monument.

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The museum of the Bulgarian artillery glory

While visiting the town of Klissoura the guests may take a tour of the museum of the Bulgarian artillery glory. The museum of the Bulgarian artillery glory is to be found in a mound under the ground.

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The Zli Dol Place

By walking along the paths leading towards the heroic peaks of Klissoura, one is inevitably overwhelmed by emotion and admiration. Before reaching the highest peak, where the residents of Klissoura perished in the April uprising, the past reveals itself more than just once and reminds of the greatness of the heroic rebels.

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The monument of Hristo Grouev Danov

The first Bulgarian publisher, Hristo Grouev Danov (1828 – 1911), born in the town of Klissoura has deserved to be called “Apostle of Bulgarian education”.

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The “Starobednitsa”

The biggest contributor, Yovko Chakarov, donated a house with the unusual name of “Starobednitsa” – a soup-kitchen for old and poor people.

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Deskov’s fountain

As early as 1862 Stoyan Deskov initiated, funded and ran the first water-conduit in his hometown of Klissoura.

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