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Pavel Banya

The town is 86 km from Plovdiv,located east of the illustrious Valley of the Roses. It boasts a balneological, mineral water centre of national and international importance.

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Village of Taja

The village of Taja (1750 residents) is one of the most picturesque Balkan village. It is not a mere coincidence that one of the offices of the Department of National Park “Central Balkan” I s located here as the village is a main starting point for the most attractive part of the southeastern section of the park.

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Village of Dolno Sahrane

The village of Dolno Sahrane (900 residents) is located some 7 km away from the town of Pavel Banya, on an asphalt road to the town of Kazanlak.

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Village of Gorno Sahrane

The village of Gorno Sahrane (1550 residents) is located on an asphalt road 8 km north of the town of Pavel Banya and 3 km north of the sub-Balkan transport artery.

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Village of Skobelevo

The village of Skobelevo (750 residents) is located in immediate proximity to the south-easternmost part of National Park “Central Balkan”, 11 km north of the town of Pavel Banya and 2 km away from the village of Assen.

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Village of Gabarevo

The village of Gabarevo (1800 residents) is situated on both sides of the sub-Balkan road and railway line and is located just 7 km northwest of the town of Pavel Banya. In the village of Gabarevo one can visit the Djananovata kashta house, which hosts the “Vassil Levski” house-museum and also the 1885 “St. George” stone church, located in the center of the village.

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Village of Touria

The village of Touria (600 residents), huddled at the foot of the Sarnena Sredna Gora Mountain, below mountain peak Bratan, is located just 4 km south-southwest of the town of Pavel Banya, on the road for the town of Plovdiv.

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Village of Manolovo

The village of Manolovo is located in the heart of the Valley of Roses, at 500 m above sea level. The village has approximately 1000 residents. Until 1984 it was known under the name of Malko selo. The territory of village belongs to a favorable climatic and vegetation zone good for the growing of roses, lavender and tobacco.

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Village of Osetenovo

Osetenovo is a village in Southern Bulgaria. It is part of the administrative structure of the municipality of Pavel Banya, district of Stara Zagora.

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