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          The district of Pavel Banya envelops the central part of the pre-Balkan, the Kazanlak hollow. It extends between the Stara Planina and Sredna Gora Mountains within the picturesque Rose Valley to the bank of the Tundja Riverand occupies a total area of 518.78 sq. km. Center of the district is the famous balneology resort  Pavel Banya, located at 400 m above sea level.

          The climate is moderate, transitional-continental, which is a prerequisite for a warm but not too hot summer, mild winter with low windiness, early spring and warm and sunny fall. The water resources of the district include surface, underground and thermal mineral waters. The Tundja River with its bigger tributaries - the Tuja, Gabrovnitsa and Turiiska Rivers forms the fluvial system of the region.

          Approximately 57.3% of the territory or the district of Pavel Banya is occupied by forests, which take up the Stara Planina and Sredna Gora Mountain massifs, included within the boundaries of the district. The forestry in the area is represented by deciduous trees mostly, such as the oak, yoke-elm, ash-tree, lime-tree and scabby horn-beam.

          The district of Pavel Banya leads to the natural reserve Sokolna, located in the most south-eastern part of the park. The reserve is a model on unique, diverse and endemic flora.  

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