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Batoshevo monastery “The Assumption”

The Monastery of Batoshevo was founded in the 13th century under the reign of King Mikhail Asen. It is located 20 km. to the south of Sevlievo.
13 th century, renewed 19 th century, active, men, patron feast 15 August.

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Dandolov Houses

Dandolov Houses – the charm and the beauty of the Old Sevlievo, are a wonderful Renaissance ensemble of stone and wood.

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Tabahana of Petio Vankov

More than 50 tabahana (the workshops where the leather had been processed) have worked. One of them is still preserved today.

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Hadjistoyanov School

Hadjistoyanov School existent since 1846 was raised up in the churchyard.

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Medieval Fortress “Hotalich”

The fortress has been an important strategic spot for defense of the capital Charevgrad Turnov.

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Church “St. Prophet Ilia”

Its iconostasis, which is declared a cultural monument of National significance, is a masterpiece of the wood carving art made by masters of the Tryavna School.

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Clock tower

One of the oldest in Bulgaria.

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“Gradnishki Boaz” memorial complex

It is situated in the narrow mountain passes by the Boazka river, 24 km southward of Sevlievo town.

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Dan Kolov house-museum

The house of the world famous wrestler Dancho Kolev Tryevnenski is situated in the village of Sennik, municipality Sevlievo.

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Monument of Liberty

It was erected during the 80’s of the XIX century by “Lion” – the civil guard society of Sevlievo.

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Batoshevo nunnery

The preparation for the April Uprising took place there in 1876. The monastery keeps the famous “Chopped book” – а Gospel chopped by Turkish yataghan.

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Kravenishka Path

The roadbed of a Stara planina mountain path crossing the mountain ridge and descending north to the place Lagat, near Sevlievo, was mapped in 1998 in the place Smesite.

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The “Holy Trinity” Church

The so-called new “Holy Trinity” Church was built in the main street of the town of Sevlievo in 1870. It is an architectural masterpiece that successfully represents its builder – the great self-educated master Usta Gencho Kanev.

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