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          The District of Sevlievo is located in the Central Northern Bulgaria, near the geographical center of the country, some 178 km northeast of the Bulgarian capital - Sofia and 283 km southwest of the city of Varna. The territory of the district takes up a total area of 1070 sq. km.

          The average altitude of the district of Sevlievo varies from 201 m above sea level - at the lowest point to 1900 m above sea level in the alpine area.

           The climate of the district of Sevlievo is moderate-continental, with a great amplitude between the lowest and highest annual temperatures - from +30, +35 degrees Centigrade in the summer to -20, -25 degrees Centigrade during the winter.

          The presence of large and massive woods in the southern alpine part of the district provides considerable amounts of water resources for the whole area. Their catchment areas form the springs of the Rositsa and Vidima Rivers, which join in immediate proximity to the town of Sevlievo and their waters fill the basin of one of the biggest artificial reservoirs in Bulgaria - that of the Alexander Stamboliiski Dam.


          In the land of villages Stokite and Kravenik lies natural reserve Peeshti skali. Here the nature has created unique rock phenomenon, which survives in the form of a real song before the tourist.

           The wildlife of the district of Sevlievo is represented by the brown bear, the royal stag, the doe and the wild boar.

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