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          The district of Sopot encompasses the central part of the valley of the Strema River and the southern slopes of the Central Stara Planina Mountain, whose peaks Vejen (2198 m) and Botev (2376 m) surround the area as a protective barrier, offering a diverse, unique and beautiful landscapes. The valleys of the Manastirska and Leevitsa Rivers unroll here. The district includes the settlements Sopot, Rozino, Hristo Danovo, Karnare and other. The average altitude of the area is 370 m above sea level.

           The climate of the district is comparatively mild and warm. It is determined by the climatic characteristics of the valley of the Strema River, located in the southern part of the transcontinental climatic zone.

           Most spread in the district of Sopot is the beech-tree and the man-planted pine-trees. There can also be seen the hazelbush, hawthorn, cornel-tree, wild briar, the yoke-elm, the oak and different kinds of bushes. The mountain ridge is covered with thickly growing grass that forms vast alpine pastures. The oil rose, lavender and peppermint represent the cultures.

           The wild life is also rich and diverse. In the district of Sopot can be seen the wild boar and doe, the deer and wild goat, the jackal and fox. The rivers in the area are home for the mountain trout, barbel and chub, and the artificial reservoirs – for the carp.


          The district is a favorite place for paragliding lovers. It is a entrance for the picturesque natural reserve Steneto.

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