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The winter traditions in the Teteven region

The winter rites in the Teteven region start with Christmas and the very preparation for the holiday.

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Ethnographic Group – Balkandjii (People from the Balkan)

The traditional costumed of the men Balkandjii is black-colored, the women wore low-cut sleeveless dresses, the decoration with colorful woven embroidery was replaced by metal jewelry.

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Library “Development”

Library “Development” was founded in 1931. The new building of the library was opened in 1961.

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Mountain peak Petrahilya

Mountain peak Petrahilya is a symbol of the town of Teteven. It is 1179 m high. Its stone ridge, which is 130 m in height, is firs to meet the warm sun beams in the morning.

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The legend of Tsarichina and Tamara – the daughter of Ivan Assen II

The name of the “Tsarichina” Reserve is connected with the wonderful legend about Tzar Ivan Assen’s daughter – Tamara. Tamara was suffering from an insidious disease, which was miraculously cured with the help of the small fiery red barefoot herb flower, which today the residents of Ribaritsa call “Tsarichina”.

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Mountain peak Cherven

Mountain peak Cherven is 1221 m high. It is the highest of the peaks surrounding the town of Teteven. It is called Cherven meaning red because the rising sun shines on it and makes it look red.

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Mountain peak Ostrich

Mountain peak Ostrich is the most curious of the peaks surrounding the town of Teteven. It is 1069 m high. It can be distinguished from the other peaks for its conical shape, which resembles a volcanic cone.

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Mountain peak Haidushka (Rebel’s) polyana Meadow

The Haidushka (Rebel’s) polyana Meadow is located just 2 km away from the town of Teteven. It is 955 m high and the very crag descends 50 m downhill.

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Text is available only in Bulgarian language

Text is available only in Bulgarian language

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