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Troyan after the Liberation

The liberation of Bulgariq from the Turkish yoke gave freedom to the characteristic activity and enterprise of the people in the region. In little more than half a century the people from Troyan managed to rebuild a prosperous community from the ashes left by the marauding bashi-bazouks in August 1877.

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Troyan Monastery “Uspenie Bogorodichno” (“The Assumption”)

The Troyan Monastery is the third largest and one of the most celebrated Christian monuments in Bulgaria. The monastery is situated 10-km southeast of Troyan.
Active monastery, patronal feast 15 August.

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Museum of Traditional Crafts and Applied Arts

This is the only museum in Bulgaria surveying and exhibiting the development of the arts and crafts. Here you can enjoy a rich collection of beautiful ceramics, artistic woodworking, woodcarvings, iconography, artistic metalwork, folk costumes and textiles.

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Church “St. Paraskeva”

St. Paraskeva Church in the town of Troyan was built in 1835.

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Art Gallery “Seryakovata kashta”

It is the only Art gallery in Troyan and performs pronouncedly public functions: more than 16 exhibitions of local and visiting artists are arranged in it yearly, meetings with intellectuals or poetical, musical and other cultural events are often held there.

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The “Assumption of God” Church

The church is exceptionally impressive both for its appearance and interior – authentic iconostasis and icons.

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Thracian-Roman road, section of the Escus-Philipopolis road

Combining several village trails, the road traversed nine Thracian settlements and fortifications in the region of Troyan Municipality, the tourist complex of Beklemeto, the peak of Kurt Hisar (wolf's fortress) to the south-east and lead down to in the region of Hristo Danovo village.

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The Arch of Liberty

This monument is located on the peak of Goraltepe – some 15 minutes hike to the East of the highest point of the Beklemeto Pass.

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Monument of Todor Kableshkov, Georgi Tarnev and Stefan Pochekov

It is located 250 m South of the Haidushka Pesen hut.

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Ruins from watch-tower on mountain peak Sevriata

There probably has been a tower on mountain peak Sevriata, near to the thick marked wall that surrounds a rectangular area of 3 m in length and 5 m in width.

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Markovi Porti (Krali Marko’s Gates)

Markovi Porti is a site in the region of the tourist complex of Beklemeto, section of the Escus-Philipopolis road, where ceramics dating back to the Thracian, Roman and Early Byzantine Epoch are discovered.

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Roman road “Via Trayana”

Two thousand years ago the Roman legions still traveled over this land. The old Roman road also called Trayan’s road after the so famous for his builder’s undertakings Roman Emperor Trayan, is still in excellent condition even today and according to specialists it has the best ever preserved Roman stone pavement within the boundaries of Bulgaria.

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The Sub Radices Station

The Sub Radices station is located in the eastern outskirts of the village of Hristo Danovo, at the southern foot of the Troyan Pass. The total area of the station is 15 decares.

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Roman roadside station Montemno

The name of the roadside station Montemno was mentioned for the first time in an inscription from 234. According to V. Avramov the inscription was discovered in the area of the “rescue station” in the place Beklemeto, located immediately at the northern foot of the Troyan Pass.

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Rusaliyski Pass (Marin Pass)

Rusaliyski Pass (located in the Troyan-Kalofer section of the mountain, east of the peak of Maragidik (Rusalka) is the highest pass crossing the Central Stara Planina.

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