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Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve with the opportunity to support local communities

13 September 2021
The creation of a system of criteria for distinguishing producers and suppliers of products and services operating in the Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve will be discussed at a series of workshops in the cities of Sevlievo, Troyan and Karlovo. The aim is to support local entrepreneurship by honoring food and beverage producers, local craftsmen and artists, guest houses and other tourism service providers.
The thematic meetings are part of the activities of the project "Creating a comprehensive brand of the Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve", funded by the UNESCO's Participation Programme and will be held according to the following schedule:
  • September 20, 2021, 9:30 am, Sevlievo Plaza Hotel, Panoramic Bar - Sevlievo.
  • September 21, 2021, 14:00, restaurant "Bulgaria" - Troyan.
  • September 23, 2021, 14:00, restaurant "Karlovo" - Karlovo.
During the meetings, the benefits of creating a common brand of the biosphere reserve will be discussed in detail, as well as the mechanisms for its award in order to promote the development of sustainable practices for protection of natural and cultural heritage in the region.
All interested parties operating on the territory of the municipalities falling within the scope of the Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve - Sevlievo, Troyan, Pavel Banya, Karlovo and Anton are invited to participate in the open discussion.