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Natura 2000


Central Balkan National Park Directorate announces a national photo contest under the title "Me and the Balkans".

Central Balkan National Park Directorate announces a national photo contest

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The Bear, known or not?

This topic was discussed with the children from the Hristo G. Danov elementary school in the town of Klisura. The topic is part of the 2024 Central Balkan National Park educational program.

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A Central Balkan National Park Directorate expert visited the children of the fine arts school at the Razvitie - 1870 community centre of the town of Sevlievo.

Fifteen children of different ages actively participated in discussions about the importance of plants in nature and rules of behavior when visiting and staying in protected areas.

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On January 30, Park Directorate employees visited the Community Support center in the town of Karlovo, a social service for children and families at risk.

There they demonstrated equipment with which the Park raingers and the Park Directorate use in their daily official duties and tasks for the protection and preservation of biological diversity on the territory of the Cеntral Balkan National Park.

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Natura 2000 is a common European ecological network, that aims to protect Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats. It consists of protected areas, defined according to two principal directives for the nature conservation – Council Directive 92/43/EEC (Habitats directive) and Council Directive 2009/147/EEC (Birds Directive). Both are transposed in Bulgarian legislation via the Biological Diversity Act.  
Central Balkan National Park is a protected area under the Birds and Habitats Directives.

BG0000494 Central Balkan under Habitats Directive

BG0000494 Central Balkan under Birds Directive