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Main Entry Points into Central Balkan National Park  and Suitable Starting Points Towards Them

Entry point Starting point
Teteven Park Section
Zavodna From the village of Ribaritsa (1 hour’s walk)
Kordela From the village of Divchevoto (1 hour’s walk)
Troyan Park Section
Haidushka Pesen Chalet From the village of Chiflik (50’ walk)
Beklemeto From the Tourist Campus
(30’ walk)
Stokite Park Section
Pleven Chalet (in Mazaneto locality) From the town of Apriltsi, via Vidima hamlet (2h 15’ walk)
E3 East From the village of Lagat (4h 30’ walk)
Second starting point to Е3 East From Uzana tourist locality
(3h walk)
Tazha Park Section
Rusalka Chalet (Entry checkpoint) From Tazha Chalet
(2h 30’ walk)
Sokolna Chalet From the village of Gabarevo (1h walk)
Kalofer Park Section
The trail to Rai Chalet (Panitsite locality) From Kalofer (1h50’ walk)
Karlovo Park Section
Hubavets Chalet (Stara Reka) From Karlovo (1h 30’ walk)
Upper (IIIrd) station of the Sopot lift
From Sopot (30’ by lift or 2h 30’ walk)
Klisura Park Section
Vartopa locality From Klisura (3h 20’ walk)
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