The national student competition "Ambassadors of Health" applies to the three age groups: 1-4 grade, 5-7 grade and 8-12 grade and includes two thematic areas: Restriction of smoking and alcohol abuse and healthy eating and physical activity.

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21/07/2020 Central Balkan National Park Directorate has commissioned the repair of an existing road from Beklemeto locality to Dermenka

Rehabilitation activities are carried out within the Contract under the project "Restoration and protection of natural habitats and species in Central Balkan National Park", funded by the Operational Program "Environment 2014 - 2020".

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Hut “Vejen”

Situated in the beautiful Zlatitsa-Teteven Balkan, in the Tsarichina place, at the north foot of peak Vejen. The hut is built at 1650 meters above the sea level.

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Hut “Momina poliana”

Hut “Momina poliana” is situated in the place Momina poliana, on the western slope of peak Mominski chukar.

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Hubavets hut

The hut is located in the place where the Malka and Golyama River merge into the Stara River, along the path Karlovo - Vassil Levski Hut, at 964 m. above sea level.

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Hut “Rai”

Mountain hut “Rai” was built in 1935 in the Raia place, at the southern foot of mountain peak Botev, at 1560 meters above sea level.

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Ravnets hut

Ravnets hut is situated at 1250m above sea level, in Chobanski egrek place and it is a solid two-storey building. The hut can accommodate 35 guests.

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Vasil Levski hut

The hut is built in 1926 and it is the first hut in Stara planina mountain. Vassil Levski hut is situated at 1450m above the sea level, in “Golyamata gyurla”,a place where the two initial tributaries of Stara Reka (River) flows into each other.

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Balkanski rozi (Balkan roses) hut

It is situated within the territory of “Stara reka” reserve, at 1100m above the sea level, on the path to “Hubavets” and “Vassil Levski” huts.

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Hut Mazalat

The popular tourist hut Mazalat is built on the main mountain ridge, in the place Mandrishteto, at 1520 meters above sea level.

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Hut Ambaritsa

It consists of two buildings with total capacity of 111 beds in rooms with 2,3,4,5 and more beds and two premises with plank-beds.

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Hut Eho

Eho hut is built below the very peak of Yumruka at an elevation of some 1700 m. From this hut beautiful panorama opens to the whole Vezhen section to the West and the region of the Kozya Stena hut to the East.

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Hut Kozya Stena

Kozya Stena hut is located some fifty meters lower and South of the main crest, in the beginning of the Dalgia Nos (Uzunborun in Turkish) watershed ridge, at an elevation of 1560 m.

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Hut Haidushka Pesen

It is located in the site of Rogacheva Gora at an elevation of some 870 m. The hut has 70 beds and additional cabins.

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Hut Dermenkaya

It is located on a beautiful clearing into a site with the same name, at an elevation of 1530 m. It was built in 1961 – 1964 by the Tourist Society of Stratesh – Lovech.

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Hut Dobrila

Dobrila hut is located on a saddle pasture between the peaks of Ambaritsa and Dobrila at an elevation of 1750 m. It is built by the tourists from Sopot town in 1928.

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Hut Pleven

Pleven hut is located in the site of Bazov Dyal below the peak of Botev, at an elevation of 1504 m. It was built in 1967 – 1971. It consists of two massive buildings and a separate wooden construction.

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Hut Tazha

The hut, called in the past Maragidik, was built by the Sevlievo tourists in 1927 on the left bank along the upper stream of Tazha River.

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Hut Sokolna

The hut is located southeast of the peak of Mazalat, on a clearing below the rock formations of Germekaya, at an elevation of 1400 m.

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Hut Rusalka

It is located in the site of Sredocheto, at a elevation of 1110 m, on a large opening above the valley of Tazha River.

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The Orlovo Gnezdo shelter

Orlovo Gnezdo shelter is located on the crest of Stara Planina, east of the Beklemeto Pass, at an elevation of 1534 m.

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The Marinka shelter

Marinka shelter is located on the Marinka saddle, 40 minutes of the peak of Botev.

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The Botev shelter

Botev shelter is located on the western slopes of the peak of Botev.

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Mandrata Chalet

The building is located in the Smesite area and is a former agricultural building - dairy.  It was transformed in a hut and began receiving visitors in 2008.

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