15/09/2020 This year's EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK theme is ‘Zero-emission mobility for all’

Central Balkan National Park will mark the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK with open days from 16 to 22 of September and an information stand in Markoteya City Park in Gabrovo.

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27/08/2020 ​Preventive activities against fires in forest natural habitats start in Central Balkan National Park

The Park Directorate assigns the implementation of fire-fighting measures under activity №11 Preventive activities against fires in forest natural habitats, within the Project "Restoration and protection of natural habitats and species in the Central Balkan National Park".

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Hut Ambaritsa

Ambaritsa hut is located on the northern slopes of Stara planina mountain range in the place of Dalgi dyal, east from the peak of Momina mogila, at 1503m above sea level. It consists of two buildings with total capacity of 111 beds in rooms with 2,3,4,5 and more beds and two premises with plank-beds.
The new hut is a solid two-storey building with capacity of 52 beds with inside WCs. The old hut is also two-storey solid building with 59 beds with outside WCs. The buildings are water-supplied and electrified, heated by solid fuel stoves.
At tourists’ disposal there are: tourist kitchen, canteen, hall with TV-set and quiet games spot. The area offers very good conditions for summer and winter tourism: ski-tracks, equipped with two ski drags and a sports ground.


  • Levski Summit (until 1942 named Ambaritsa, 2166 m.) - 2,30 h.
  • Golyam Kupen Summit (2169 m.) - 3,00 h.
  • Markova Dupka - 3,00 h.
  • Dobrila Hut - 3,00 h.,
  • Vassil Levski Hut - 4,30 h.,
  • Hubavets Hut - 4,00 h.,
  • Dermenka Hut - 5,30 h.,
  • Pleven Hut through Kostenurkata (the Tortoise) Summit - 6,00 h.
  • Hut Yavorova laka – 2 hours

The paths are marked.


  • Smesite Area - 3,00 hours - 17km away from the town of Troyan through asphalt road.
  • Nezabravka hut (up to it by lift from town of Sopot and through hut Dobrila) – 3,00 h.
  • Town of Sopot – 6,15 h.
  • Town of Karlovo (rail way station on Podbalkanska line and final station on the line Plovdiv – Karlovo) through hut Hubavets – 6,00 h.

The paths are marked.

Topic information about the chalet

Telephone of the object: +359 670/26017
Address: Troyan Balkan, Dalgi dyal place, 1503m above sea level
Phone number for making alerts and complaints: +35966801277
(week days from 8:00 to 16:30)
(in non-working hours)
or е-mail address: