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Earth Day celebrations on April 22 are under the motto "Action against climate change"

14 April 2020
On April 22 this year Earth Day celebrates its 50th anniversary. This year's theme of the annual campaign is Action against Climate Change a huge challenge of our times. Climate change is a challenge for the future of humanity and for the functioning of the life support systems that make our world habitable.
This year, the celebration comes in the face of extraordinary measures due to the coronavirus epidemic. This is also why EARTHRISE (the global climate change movement led by youth climate groups in coordination with Earth Day Network the global organizer of Earth Day) has set a new global standard for Earth Day 2020.
It's time for brave, creative and innovative solutions. This requires action at all levels  from business to local authorities and governments. Each individual also has real influence and power as a consumer, voter and community member in the name of change. The world needs us and our actions. There are so many things anyone can do to protect and help rebuild the planet: participate in cleanup; joining the world's largest citizen science initiative (Earth Challenge 2020); holding a local event!
Even staying home and maintaining social distance, we can still exercise our responsibility to act for the environment. No matter where we are, we can make the change!