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Forest Week in Bulgaria

07 April 2021
Since 1925, the entire first week of April has been celebrated as Forest Week. For 2021 it is from 5 to 11 April and is held under the motto "The forest is health".

Situated on an area of over 72,000 ha in the most central part of Balkan Range, Central Balkan National Park preserves natural ecosystems and their biodiversity. Forest ecosystems are most common here. They cover over 61% of the territory and are characterized by great diversity. Beech forests predominate – entirely of natural origin and with preserved natural appearance. They cover nearly 30,000 ha.

Forests purify the air and water, regulate the microclimate, participate in soil formation, photosynthesis, the cycle of substances. They resist erosion, diseases and pests, limit damage from natural disasters.

The scientific, educational and aesthetic value of the beech forests is high - the amazing color and variety of landscapes charge with spiritual energy, awaken the thirst for discoveries and adventures, evoke a sense of pride in the unique nature of Bulgaria. They create conditions for enjoyment in the wild world through tourism, recreation, sports. 

Since 2017 Bulgaria is represented in the serial transnational UNESCO World Heritage Site called “Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe”. The Bulgarian component covers 10 989,31 ha and includes the most representative beech forests in the nine reserves located on the territory of the Central Balkan National Park – Boatin, Tsarichina, Kozya Stena, Steneto, Sokolna, Peeshti skali, Stara reka, Dzhendema and Severen Dzhendem. The reserves are the category of protected areas with the highest degree of protection according to the Bulgarian legislation, which guarantees the protection of the valuable beech communities in them. The national park and the reserves in it are among the popular destinations for hiking in Bulgaria and offer good conditions for contact with the preserved wildlife.