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Guidelines for visits in the Central Balkan National Park

04 May 2020
Based on an Order of the Minister of Health for organization of personal visits in all national parks, nature parks, mountains, and other places with park environment, outside the settlements on the territory of the municipalities, it is obligatory to observe the following rules:
1. Keep a distance of at least 2.5 meters from other families.
2. When talking to other people, put on a mask or scarf.
3. Do not use recreation areas (gazebos, sheds, tables, benches, fireplaces, fountains) and view points, and avoid gathering companies and groups of tourists.
4. Do not use lifts or visit huts and other tourist sites.
5. Only be used for visits to entry points and designated designated tourist routes.

Visits must adhere to strictly established regimes, norms and rules of conduct in the Central Balkan National Park.

If you need help, call 112.

Thank you for following the rules!