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09 July 2021
In the implementation of some of the activities under the project "Creating a comprehensive brand of Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve ", funded by the UNESCO Participation Program, Central Balkan National Park Directorate announces a competition for a graphic sign (logo) of the  Biosphere Reserve. 

Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve is located in the central part of Bulgaria and is connected with the highest parts of  Strara Planina Mountains. It covers an area of ​​over 369,000 hectares. It includes the Central Balkan National Park (along with the nine reserves located in it) and the entire territory of 5 of the municipalities near the National Park - Karlovo, Troyan, Sevlievo, Pavel Banya and Anton. More information about the Biosphere Reserve can be found at, as well as on the Facebook page @centralbalkanBR.
Purpose of the competition:
The competition aims to create a graphic sign (logo) with a free author's interpretation, which will be registered in the State Register of Trademarks, with the right to use the official representation of the Biosphere Reserve.
The selected brand of the Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve - a graphic sign (logo) with a memorable and associative character, will aim to present the Biosphere Reserve. as an attractive place with preserved nature, culture and traditions, as well as a good environment for sustainable social economic development. The created logo will be used to distinguish local food and beverage producers, as well as tourism service providers in the territorial scope of the Biosphere Park.
Requirements for the graphic sign (logo):

1. The logo design should be copyrighted, not copy or resemble existing logos of other organizations. At the discretion of the artists, the graphic projects may include text integrated in the logo, which should be in Bulgarian and English.

2. The logo must be understandable, legible (if there is text). It should be able to be displayed on banners, posters, brochures, documents, souvenirs, packaging, labels.

3. The graphic sign cannot indicate authorship, developer watermarks, etc.

4. The logo should correspond to the commercial logos of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve network.

5. The logo must be designed and presented in vector format (EPS, AI, CDR, PDF) as well as in JPG format, and all fonts should be converted into curves. Each of the projects of a graphic sign must be presented in black and white and in color variants / one variant in RGB and one variant in CMYC / Pantone /.

6. The logo must be presented for use with and without a background, in small and large size.

Conditions for participation in the competition:

1. The competition is open for participation by Bulgarian and foreign individuals or legal entities.

2. The members of the jury are not allowed to participate in the competition.

3. The jury may recommend to the author corrections, which will be discussed with him before announcing the results.

4. Each author can propose up to 3 projects, and for each of them he should present a short concept with which he justifies his idea - technical characteristics, impact of fonts, color scheme and elements.

5. Projects must not copy existing graphic characters and have been published in any form.

6. Third parties must not own or have any claims to the projects participating in the competition.

7. The participant submits a sample declaration (Appendix №1), certifying the copyright on the proposed project and that when ranking first in the competition, all property and non-property rights to the graphic mark will be granted to the legal entity representing the Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve.

 8. The participant submits a declaration in a form (Appendix №2) that the provision of personal data is voluntary, in connection with the announced competition.

9. The proposal should contain - the names of the author, mailing address, email address and telephone number for feedback, as well as other information at the discretion of the participant.

10. Proposals that do not meet the requirements of this competition will be excluded from participation in the competition. The removed participants are notified at the e-mail address indicated by them.

11. Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
Rating and ranking:

The project proposals will be evaluated by their artistic qualities - concept, design, non-standard solutions. The submitted competition projects will be evaluated by a specially appointed jury.

1st place: BGN 800
2nd place and 3rd place: incentive prizes.
Deadline for sending the project files: 06.08.2021 inclusive.
All project proposals should be sent to e-mail:,
Contact person: Sergey Alexandrov, tel .: 0886 761 994
Announcement of the results: 09.08.2021
Appendix  1
Appendix  2