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Offenders with a long-barreled firearm were caught on the territory of the Central Balkan National Park

09 April 2024
Upon a signal from the director of the Central Balkan National Park Directorate, a search was conducted by employees of the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Troyan, during which it was established that two persons had brought a long-barreled firearm into the territory of the Central Balkan National Park. The offense was registered on April 7 of this year Inspectors from the Directorate's Park Guard have drawn up an investigative report. Administrative criminal proceedings are pending. Regardless of the fact that the two offenders presented a permit for the use and storage of weapons, the act is in violation of the regimes, norms and conditions defined in the Central Balkan National Park Management Plan on the basis of the Law on Protected Areas. According to the established norms, the presence or movement of persons carrying bows, long-barreled firearms or ammunition, as well as their storage, is prohibited throughout the territory of the park.