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Students from the town of Sevlievo solved environmental cases through the game Climate Fresco

05 April 2023
As part of the educational initiatives planned by Central Balkan National Park Directorate on the occasion of the current Forest Week 2023, on April 4, the Climate Fresco event was held at the "Vasil Levski" Secondary School - the town of Sevlievo.
The co-organizers were the municipality of Sevlievo, the Municipal Youth Association "Hotalich", the deputy mayor of the municipality of Sevlievo Ahmed Mehmedov and Central Balkan National Park Directorate.
More than 30 children between the 8th and 11th grades from the "Vasil Levski" secondary school participated in the training workshop, together with four teachers of natural sciences, also representing interest clubs in the fields of biology, chemistry and ecology. The event was facilitated by the "Maneco" Foundation.
Climate Fresco is a board game with 42 cards, each depicting a climate change factor. Thanks to it, the participants go through a fascinating process that helps them discover the relationship between the causes and consequences related to climate change and look for possible solutions to get out of the crisis. Maps enable complex climate science to reach thousands of people around the world in an understandable way. In just four years since it was created, the game has been translated into 35 languages and is now facilitated by volunteers in more than 50 countries.
Along with the game, there was a presentation and discussion about the threats to forests, water resources and biodiversity arising from climate change and human activities. The facilitators showed interest in future joint initiatives and attracting new participants from other municipalities adjacent to the National Park in a thematic workshop.