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The Bear, known or not?

14 February 2024
The Bear, known or not?

This topic was discussed with the children from the Hristo G. Danov elementary school in the town of Klisura. The topic is part of the 2024 Central Balkan National Park educational program. 45 students from grades 4 to 6 actively participated in the discussion dedicated to the brown bear which took place on 08.02 in the assembly hall of the school. In the form of games and riddles the children were able to supplement their knowledge about the diet, habitats and characteristics of the brown bear as well as about its role in the nature. In the course of the activities it became clear that the children have good knowledge about the subject as well as about the National Park and its purpose. At the end the children and their teachers received souvenir prizes from the Park Directorate, and the park officials received an invitation for the next visit.