22/03/2020 World Water Day 22.03.2020

The main topic this year is: WATER AND CLIMATE CHANGE - and how the two are inextricably linked.

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16/03/2020 ​Important message about the functioning of the administrative services at the Central Balkan National Park Directorate

Functioning of the administrative services at the Central Balkan National Park Directorate in connection with the state of emergency

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24/02/2020 Central Balkan National Park Annual Grazing Plan was approved

With an order of the Director of Central Balkan National Park Directorate the Annual Grazing Plan that regulates livestock grazing in grazing areas of the park was approved.

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Protected areas

The protected areas are declared to preserve the ecosystems' s biodiversity and the natural processes occurring in them, as well as characteristic or remarkable objects of inanimate nature and landscapes. There are six categories of protected areas in Bulgaria. In order of protection, they are: Reserve, National Park, Natural Monument, Managed Nature Reserve, Natural Park, and Protected Site. All of them are announced by an order of the Minister of Environment and Water in accordance with the Protected Areas Act. Central Balkan National Park Directorate is responsible for the management of Central Balkan National Park, the nine reserves within its borders, as well as Elenova Gora Reserve and the Chamdzha Managed Reserve, located near the National Park.

The Ministry of Environment and Water maintains a Register of Protected Areas in Bulgaria.

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