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Central Balkan National Park Directorate announces a national photo contest under the title "Me and the Balkans".

Central Balkan National Park Directorate announces a national photo contest

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The Bear, known or not?

This topic was discussed with the children from the Hristo G. Danov elementary school in the town of Klisura. The topic is part of the 2024 Central Balkan National Park educational program.

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A Central Balkan National Park Directorate expert visited the children of the fine arts school at the Razvitie - 1870 community centre of the town of Sevlievo.

Fifteen children of different ages actively participated in discussions about the importance of plants in nature and rules of behavior when visiting and staying in protected areas.

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On January 30, Park Directorate employees visited the Community Support center in the town of Karlovo, a social service for children and families at risk.

There they demonstrated equipment with which the Park raingers and the Park Directorate use in their daily official duties and tasks for the protection and preservation of biological diversity on the territory of the Cеntral Balkan National Park.

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Kademliiskoto praskalo Waterfall

The waterfall of Kademliiskoto praskalо is one of the marvelous creations of nature that takes your breath away.

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Vidima Waterfall

Situated in the northern part of the biosphere reserve of Severen Djendem in Stara planina mountain, the Vidima Waterfall impresses with its enchanting beauty and majesty.

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Golyama Bazovitsa River

Golyama Bazovitsa River takes its source from the region of the Marinka shelter (on the eastern slopes of Botev Peak) and flows through the breathtaking rocks above Rogachevara Pestera Cave.

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Vidima River

The largest river in the region of Apriltsi town is Vidima River, taking its source from the peak of Botev. In the region of the Mazaneto site, the water is channeled and brought to the Vidima water power station.

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Cherni Vit River

Cherni Vit River takes its source from the foothills of the peak of Tetevenska Baba. It flows through the Boating reserve.

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The Stara Reka River

The Malka reka River rising just under mountain peak Levski in the Troyan Mountain and the Golyama Reka River taking its source from the southern side of peak Jaltets north of mountain peak Kochmara are considered the source of the Stara Reka River.

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Zavodna River

Zavodna River is a tributary of Beli Vit River, flowing into it into Ribaritsa village. It springs below Vezhen Peak.

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Boatinska River

Boatinska River is the main tributary of Cherni Vit River.

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Praskalska River

Praskalska River takes its source from of the Pileshki Polog saddle, located between the peaks of Yurushka Gramada and Paradjika.

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Bagarestitsa River

Bagarestitsa River takes its sources from the site of Chim Koliba, east of the peak of Rosovatets.

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Tsarvulstitsa River

Tsarvulstitsa River takes its sources from the region of the peak of Valchata Glava.

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Gabrovnitsa River

Gabrovnitsa River takes its sources from the foothills of the Triglav Massif, dividing it from the main crest, remaining to the North.

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The Tazha River

Tazha River takes its sources from the peak of Zelenikovets and collects in itself a number of tributaries originating from the peaks of Yurushka Gramada to the West or Triglav Massif to the East.

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Peeshti Skali (the singing rocks) rock phenomenon

They are called like this because the strong wind blows between them with a typical sound resembling whistling.

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Fountain and stop-over in the site of Studenya Ulei

The fountain has one spout, its water drain into the Studenya Ulei and flows further to the Ostershka River.

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Karlovsko Praskalo (Chute)

The Karlovsko Praskalo is located close to the Vasil Levski hut. It is accessed through a trail, branching left of the trail from the hut to Karlovo town.

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Sladkata Voda

The water comes from a spring and is extremely cold and very tasty – that is where its name comes from – Sladkata Voda (the sweet water in Bulgarian).

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Fountain on Seneva Polyana

It is located on the trail from Divchovoto village to Momina Polyana hut.

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Neshkovtsi Fountain

It is in the region of the Control-information Station Neshkovtsi.

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Fountain and stop-over in the site of Petrova Strujna (wood-turning lathe)

The name of this fountain reminds the past when there was a wood-turning lathe (strujna in Bulgarian) in this place.

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Rogachevi Kamani

The phenomenon represents fifty-meters high rock cliffs.

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The Tuja Gorge

The upper flow of Tazha River shapes a deep and majestic river valley, which competes the Southern Djendem – the famous Tuja gorges that are 2.5 km long and 300 – 400 m deep.

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