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Dzhufar dere River

Dzhufar dere is formed by tree small rivers, the main of which descends from the southern slopes of the peak of Lepenyat. The gully itself climbs from the beginning of the Troyan-Karnare Pass to the Orlovo Gnezdo shelter, a tourist trail is marked along it that leads quickly to the main crest of the mountain. The local people call it Dzhufara and this is one of the most beautiful gullies of the Park. It is included within the boundaries of the Steneto reserve. During the climbing one reaches a small stony plot, which offers beautiful vista to the rock walls in the outskirts of the peak of Sivryata. In spring here one can observe many interesting flowers among which is the Rhodopean haberlea – one of the Balkan endemics into the Central Balkan.
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