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The Stara Reka River

The Stara Reka River, which gives the name to Stara Reka reserve, has a total length of 20 km and pours into the Stryama River.The Malka reka River rising just under mountain peak Levski in the Troyan Mountain and the Golyama Reka River taking its source from the southern side of peak Jaltets north of mountain peak Kochmara are considered the source of the Stara Reka River. The Golyama Reka River is famous for its Karlovsko praskalo waterfall – 25 m in height, located in the area of hut Vasil Levski. Near mountain hut Hubavets the Stara Reka River forms a fabulous valley, which ends with the beautiful Suchurum waterfall (10 m high) over the town of Karlovo.

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