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     Information about Central Balkan National Park can be obtained from a network of special information centers established in partnership between the Park Directorate, local communities and non- governmental organizations. In addition to sources of information, they serve as centers of environmental and conservationist education. Such centers operate already in Ribaritsa, Karlovo, Klisura, Cherni Osam, Kalofer and Gabrovo.


      The Ribaritsa Ecological Information and Educational Center: Address: Ribaritsa 5720, Teteven Municipality, phone: +35969022479, 2200 established by the local Nature Association with the support of the Peace Corps and the Park Directorate. The Center has a modern, fully furnished lecture theater seating 25, an exhibition hall, a large library and a video library. It also houses a showroom of local arts and crafts and eco-products for sale. The Center provides tourist information and enrolls children into the School in the Wild program.

     The Karlovo Tourist and Environmental Information Center: Address: 35 Vodopad St., Karlovo 4300, phone: +35933595373,, operated by the local tourist association and the Nature Fund Society, with the support of Karlovo Municipality. Offers information about the National Park; a selection of educational programs featuring slides, videos, games and contests; thematic outings into the Park involving special botany, zoology and ecology activities; ‘green vacations’ for kids, a tourist program for the Park territory featuring specialized tours: flora, animal traces, etc.

     The Klisura Environmental Information Center: Address: Klisura 4341, 20th April 1876 Civic Center, phones: (+359 3137) 21-45, 20-95, established by the National Park Directorate in partnership with 20th April 1876 Community Center. The centerpiece of the Center’s exhibition is medicinal plants. The educational program operated by it includes lectures on the wildlife heritage in Central Balkan National Park, educational trips and outings, eco-games, and competitions. The Library offers specialized methodological literature. The Center provides information about the cultural and historical landmarks of the town of Klisura, of nearby mountain chalets and tourist routes.

     The Cherni Osam Environmental Information Center: Address: The Museum of Natural History, Cherni Osam village 5620, Troyan Municipality, phone: +35906962371. Located on the premises of the local Museum of Natural History, the Center operates in close coordination and collaboration with the Museum. While the Museum displays the fauna of the central portions of the Balkan Range, the Center focuses on the flora within Central Balkan National Park. It has a large library, specialized children’s corner suitable for various educational events with young children, and a video library with a selection of films highlighting the natural heritage of Bulgaria.

     The Central Balkan Information Center, Kalofer:Address: 3 Georgi Shopov St., Kalofer 4370, phone: (+359 48) 762 185. The Center was established jointly by the Park Directorate and the Central Balkan-Kalofer Ecotourism Association. It provides information about existing tourist routes within the Park, accommodation facilities in Kalofer, local landmarks, traditions, rituals, arts and crafts. The Center’s educational program comprises information about the National Park and the biological diversity within it. There is a video library as well as a book library offering general information, specialized and methodological literature. A gift shop sells local arts and crafts.

      Information and Educational Center of the Central Balkan National Park Directorate: Address: Central Balkan National Park Directorate, 3 Bodra Smyana St., Gabrovo 5300, phones: +35966801277, 801 279. The Center has a modern, fully furnished lecture theater seating 25, a library of specialized literature in Bulgarian and English, a video library of ecological films, and an exhibitions hall. The Center provides tourist information on local landmarks, attractions, accommodation and hospitality infrastructure, as well as assistance in organizing trips and outings. It also organizes thematic educational lectures on Central Balkan National Park.

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