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“Babskoto praskalo” waterfall

There are a lot of rivers in the National Park of Central Balkan, which fall and form picturesque waterfalls called by the local people “praskala” (“springers”). One of them is the “Babskoto praskalo” waterfall. It is not so high like the others in the National Park, but it is just as beautiful as the others are. The “Babskoto praskalo” waterfall is 54 meters high.

The Babsko Praskalo is close to the Rusalka hut, along the trail from Tazha village to Tazha hut. It is located on the tributary of Tazha River – Babska River the water of which springs out the South of the saddle between the peaks of Malak and Golyam Kademlya of the Triglav massif.

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