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Canyon of the River Cherni Osam

Kumanitsa River is a main tributary of Cherni Osam River, springing from the very peak of Ambaritsa (Vasil Levski). It flows westwards forming the most beautiful canyon in Stara Planina – the fabulous Steneto, included in the reserve, bearing the same name. It is characterized by a number of caves, among which is the deepest one in Bulgaria – Raichova Dupka. During the hike from Dermekaya hut to the Cherni Osam village one could experience the 200 m high rock walls. The region is rich in rock phenomena – Hayduskoto Igrilo, Ventsite, Babina Pizda. Krali Markova Dupka, etc.
The greatest treasury of the mythical golden river Kumanitsa are the century-old beeches which cover more than half of the total area of the reserve. The mixed forests of beech, fir tree and horn-beam add colour to the amazing picture, framed by the dark green belt of the spruce. Each curve of the torrential upper flow of Kumanitsa reveals new more and more breath taking views – hundred meters high rock faces are followed by dizzying abysses at the bottom of which sparkle waterfalls. Nature has built its temple here and we can just stop by and recall the blessing given to us all for the generous gift to have such sites on the Earth!
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