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Krayovitsa River

Krayovitsa River collects the water of the rivers of Malka Krayovitsa (taking its source from the site of Studenata Voda in the foothills of the peak of Ambaritsa), Debelstitsa (originating from the rocky northern slopes Ambaritsa and Kupenat) and Grebeshnitsa – the springs of which are located on the northern slope of the peak of Kostenurkata. The upper section of this vast watershed falls within Steneto reserve. Malka Krayovitsa River flows by Ambaritsa hut and along its valley is marked the trail to Cherni Osam village via Yavorova Laka hut. The whole watershed of Krayovitsa is within the boundaries of water supply zone. The river of Krayovitsa flows into the Kumanitsa River into the site of Smesite, from which point it continues its way as Cherni Osam River.
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