03/12/2019 Measures taken in the National Park due to the African swine fever presence

With an Order of the Director of the Central Balkan National Park Directorate, within the affected from the disease African swine fever areas (subarea A) has begun the implementation of measures for the prevention and eradication of the disease.

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11/11/2019 National student competition "Ambassadors for Health"

National student competition "Ambassadors for Health" for projects, aimed at the restriction of smoking, alcohol abuse, healthy eating, and exercising.

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25/10/2019 Park employees and children from the SOS Children's Villages set up bird feeders

The event was part of a donation campaign by Raiffeisenbank for placing feeders and birdhouses in schools and kindergartens within the Central Balkan Biosphere reserve.

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11/10/2019 The Ministry of Environment and Water announces a photo competition.

The Ministry of Environment and Water announces a photo competition with the theme "I love the Nature in four seasons".

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          Mushrooms are members of a specific biotic group, somewhere midway between plants and animals—fungi. A total of 256 species of macrofungi have been identified within Central Balkan National Park, making up 11.6% of all mushroom species in Bulgaria, and half . One species of those growing in the Park, Albatrellus cristatus, is protected in Europe.


The following edible mushrooms may be of interest to commercial gatherers:


·        Boletus aereus;


·        Boletus aestivalis;


·        Boletus edulis;


·        Cantharellus cibarius;


Collection of the above species is allowed for both commercial and personal needs, against a special permit issued by the Park Directorate.

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