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09/06/2019 news

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     Peeshti Skali (Singing Rocks) Reserve was established on July 11, 1979. With an area of 1,465.7 hectares, it consists of a range of high mountain treeless habitats, natural beech forests, and the natural fauna in the Rositsa River watershed. The Reserve is situated within the lands of Stokite and Kravenik villages, in the Sevlievo Municipality. Along with the Sokolna Reserve it forms the eastern protective zone of the Central Balkan National Park.


     The Singing Rocks themselves are a set of unique natural formations that crown the ancient beech forest. Other tree species include the common fir, sycamore (common and alpine), mountain ash, manna-ash, and hornbeam. The high mountain meadows are dotted with cranberries and bilberries, juniper, gentian, campanula, and a variety of aromatic, flowering grasses.


     The Reserve offers sanctuary to the following animal species listed in the Bulgarian Red Data Book: bear, weasel, chamois, golden eagle, and black and white-backed woodpecker. Red deer, roe, wild cat, wild boar, and a range of predatory birds can also be found on the Reserve.




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