31/07/2020 Central Balkan National Park Directorate celebrated World Ranger Day

Central Balkan National Park Directorate organized an open-air holiday, dedicated to the World Ranger Day - July 31 in the village of Cherni Osam, Troyan municipality.

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22/07/2020 Allowed quota for Kalofer town - Panitsite locality - Botev Peak 08.08.2020 (Sunday) is reached

According to the Central Balkan National Park Management plan, Road Kalofer town - Panitsite locality - Botev Peak is with restricted access of until 10 motor vechicles per day

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21/07/2020 Central Balkan National Park Directorate has commissioned the repair of an existing road from Beklemeto locality to Dermenka

Rehabilitation activities are carried out within the Contract under the project "Restoration and protection of natural habitats and species in Central Balkan National Park", funded by the Operational Program "Environment 2014 - 2020".

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Interpretative Trail of Vidimsko praskalo


This interpretative trail is a part of the interpretative tourist infrastructure of the National Park. It is located along the valley of Praskalsk Reka River, which is the main tributary of Vidima river. The trail enters Severen Dzhendem reserve and leads to the Vidimsko praskalo Vista Site. It interprets fundamental topics linked to the National Park – pastures, waters and waterfalls, plants and animals, inhabiting the Central Balkan and in particular the relict and endemic species. Bridges are built along the river stream, as well as a staircase to the vista site, that facilitate the access.
The trail is with longitude around 12 km and duration of 5 hours.

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